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World Hindu Conference

Participation in the "World Hindu Conference" at Jaffna, Srilanka, During May 1982 and Demonstrated Yoga in Various COllege and Schools.

Participation in the "All India Yoga Competition" Organized by Bishnu Charan Ghosh Memorial Committee, yoga class in Chennai Calcutta in the Year 1982 and Obtained 'D' Grade.

Participation in the "All india Yogasana Competition " Organized by Swami Vignanda, Gugai Prana Yoga Centre, Salem, Tamilnadu in December 1983 and plced First in the Competition.

Tamilnadu State Yogasana Championship

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Bhishmacharya Dr. T.A.Krishnan,
B.A., N.D., Ph.d.,

Participation in the "Tamilnadu State Yogasana Championship" and Seminar Organized by the Tamilnadu state yogasana Association yoga class in Chennai ( Affiliated to the federation of the Indian Yoga Training and Research Association ) at Salem in February 1985 and placed First in the Championship.

State Yogasana Competitions



22th World Congress

Participated in the 22th world Congress, Sponsored by the "Modicina Alternative Institute" (1962)- [ Affiliated to the OPEN International University- Colombo] held at Thanjavur, India on 26th May 1991.

Asian Congress

Participated in the Asian Congress of Complementary Medicines, yoga class in Chennai Sponsored by the India Foundation of Alternative Medicines, Thanjavur, India on 3rd May 1992.

1st International Yoga Festival

Participated in the 1st Internatioanl Yoga Festival, Conducted by the dept of Tourism, Govt. of Pondicherry During jhanuary 1993 and Demonstrated Yoga.

Internatioanl Yoga Festival

Participated in the Yoga Competition in Connection with the International Yoga Festival From 27.01.1993 to 29.01.1993 at Pondicherry.

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