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State Yogasana Sports Competition

Participated in the "Tamilnadu State Yogasana Competition " help at Kovilpati, Tamilnadu and Placed First in the copmpetition (August 1993).

Vth State Yogasana Competition

Participated in the Vth State Yogasana Championship Best yoga class in Chennai and was placed First in the comptition (September 1993), Conducted by the Tamilnadu State yogasana Association.

IInd International Yoga Festival

Participated in the II nd International Yoga Festival, Conducted by the Dept.of Tourism, Govt. of Pondicherry During January 1994 and Demonstrated Yoga.


3rd International Yoga Festival


Participated in the 3rd International Yoga Festival, Conducted by the Dept.of Tourism, Govt.of Pondicherry During January 1995, and Demonstrated Yoga.

Yogasana Competition


Participated in the Yogasana Competition for the age Group Best yoga class in Chennai 50 to 60 years and got First place Conducted by the "Tamilnadu State Yogasana Association" in Madras on 13.08.1995 and also was honored as Jury.

VI th State Yogasana Championship


Participated in the VI State Yogasana Championship and Placed First in the Competition During 15.10.1995 Conducted by the Tamilnadu state Yogasana Association.

IV th International Yoga Festival


Participated in the IV International Yoga Festival Conducted by the Dept. of Tourism, GOvt. of Pondicherry During January 1996 and Demonstrated Yoga.

7th Yogasana State Championship

★   Participated in the 7th Yogasana State Championship, Best yoga class in Chennai COnducted by the Tamilnadu State Yogasana Association, Was Selected as Champion also Secured First place and was Honoured as Jury for the rest of the Competition (August 1996).

South Yogasana Brama Yogacharya Sundharam

Participated in the 3rd Memorious South Yogasana Brama Yogacharya Best yoga class in Chennai Sundharam, Organized by the Thiruvannamalai District Yoga Association on November 16 & 17 - 1997 at Rathna Krishna Kalyana mandabam Cheyyar - T.S. District was selected as Champion, also secured First place in all common & Elective and was Honoured as Jury for the rost of the Compotition.

Membership And Positions

Awarded Fellowship

Awarded Fellowship - by Pushpa Nature Cure & Cancer Research Centre, Chennai 20.04.1997 Best yoga class in Chennai (Accorded & Registered to Ministry of Health & Family Welfare).


Establishment Thirumoolar Yoga & nature Cure at Centre at Chennai, Tamilnadu and Rendering Service to the Humanity.

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